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Life Happens

In this world there will be many problems. The thing that we are to do is to solve each of these problems as we go along. The process of solving this endless stream of problems is called life. Life happens. When life happens there is a way to proceed when life shuts us down and that way is to worry about nothing but to pray about everything. In this way we receive help in negotiating life’s problems.

God Cares

The one thing that we must hold in our minds is that God cares. Since God cares He has made a way for us to have instant communication with Him. This instant communication is called prayer. God wants us to touch base with Him at every turn. In good times and not so good times. God desires us to communicate with Him.

Take Your Problems to God

The problems that we have are the same problems that all of us have, since they are common problems that we all have they can be handled in the same way. That way is the way that God would have us to handle our personal problems. God would have us to take all things captive by bringing all things through the Word of God.

God will provide a solution

God has not promised us that we would not experience any trials and tribulations but He has promised us that He would be with us as we went through each of these trials and tribulations. God is with us always, He has promised us that He will never leave us nor would He forsake us. God’s promises will always come to be. Search God’s Word for your personal solution.

Pray About Everything

God wants us to communicate with Him and he wants to be a part of our lives. God will answer each of our prayers. He answers yes, no, or wait. You will definitely receive an answer from God. Pray and formulate the prayer in the outline of the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught His disciples to pray, Adulation, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Fellowship. You will definitely receive an answer. Ask the Lord God what so ever you want to ask Him, God truly cares for you.

In the image above there are three men. The middle man is spoken to by communication an either side. These are the better and worse angels of our nature. One whispers for us to do bad things and the other whispers for us to do righteous things. Which voice will the middle man listen to ? Surely the correct voice will be heard and the non-correct voice will be rejected.

What does the image say to you ? What do you think of communicating directly with God ? Leave some feedback and I will respond directly.

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