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Welcome once more to Prayer Closet Images where on today we have the image “Daydreaming.” We have selected this images because a picture is worth a thousand words and this image says at least that much. In the image we see two youth. One youth is resting while daydreaming against a tree, while in the process of flying a kite. It appears that the resting youth has been distracted by his rest and the kite that he is flying has gotten caught in the only tree there. His sister has stopped her play and is attentive to her brother. The image has been entitled “Daydreaming” for that reason. The Daydreaming has interrupted the Kite flying.

We go from something so slow that we lose attention to a thing so fast that it is almost unbelievable. Creation of a website in under thirty seconds. I say almost because even though it is hard to believe that a website can be created in less than thirty seconds, nevertheless it truly can be done.

I Promise You The Under Thirty-Second Website

The promise that I will make to you at this time is that you will be able to enjoy a website that will be created in less than thirty seconds. That at face value seems like a tall order but it has and can be done. It can be done by you.

Picture Yourself Enjoying Your Site

Picture yourself enjoying you new website. The site will be able to bring you in an income that will allow you to live the life that you were meant to enjoy. With a niche website the content is created by your specific talent and nobody does it better than you. Content will come to you daily and all you have to do is create a post every other day for a good coverage of the niche, and it gives your readers something to keep them busy that is worth a visit to the place that they want to be reading about the things that you write for them to read.

The most enjoyable thing that your new site will produce is the fact that when it starts to yield fruit in the form of income production, the income will come in constantly, even while you sleep. The thing now that you have to do is to keep on keeping on, continue to write and publish every other day.

Behold the Proof

In the comments are some people that are currently enjoying that fruit of their websites, and they were just like you with no website. But now they have the advantage of being able to produce a continuing income.
The name of the place that has the ability to do this great thing started out as being called WordPress, which was developed by Wealthy Affiliate into WordPress Express.


First, What is WordPress and Why Choose it?

Let me share with you the history of my website journey. When I first started with computers and computing, the computer that we used was contained in a room that would accept a punch card that we would create with a typewriter. The punch card was then inserted into the place that accepted it into the computer, and the computer would then analyze it. The computer would read the holes and act accordingly. We would then use the card that we first created as our file copy and the status that came in was kept stapled on the original hard copy until the item shipped and came in. It was then transferred from the outstanding file to the completed file. We used this computer to order and maintain all supplies that we needed.

Fast forward many years and along came WordPress, an open-source framework that has a community of millions of people, and 10,000’s of developers. It is by far the most supported and powerful framework for building sites, however, WordPress alone still requires web hosting, FTP, a database, and some technical knowledge to install.

The world of computing and computers was a thing that required that you be well versed in the technical side of computing.

It is the best platform, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to install. In fact, even seasoned online marketers and webmasters can have a heck of a time installing WordPress websites. BUT…

Then Along came WordPress Express !!!

In college, we familiarized ourselves with computers and how they work, we also wrote primitive loops and programs. Bottom line is that it is rather hard to install a WordPress site manually.

The good news here is that in 2010 the brilliant people at Wealthy Affiliate created a website builder and released it within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and called it WordPress Express. It is probably the most efficient, techie-free way to build a website that can now be used, and I actually created all of my WordPress websites using it… and I did it in less than thirty seconds, and you can as well. There is no longer any technical stuff that you have to know.

So I guess you are wondering about this 30 second bit and how to go about building your own site?

So now we get to the real deal, I know that you are wondering how to go about building your very own under thirty-second site.

So here is the actual proof that it can be done and that you can do it as well. Simply click here and go to the Platform and follow the two-step process.

1. Create your starter Wealthy Affiliate account (Free)

2. Build Your WordPress Website

It is just that simple

Build a WordPress Site in 30 Seconds

Click the Link and Begin

So without any further ado I give you the Wealthy Affiliate platform the best place in the world.

So in less than five minutes you can be up and running with your own Nitch website. This includes access to many themes and you can use your website within any nitch that you choose.

Click here to begin

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