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Having perused True Righteous and True Worship, True Judgment is the Concluding material in the completion of our Good Foundation. Therefore, now is the time to roll out True Judgment.

Judge Not

The first thing to say about Judgment is to not judge anyone. The act of Judging results in our judging ourselves because we only know ourselves and what we would do in their situation. Therefore, to judge the other person is simply to display what we would have done in the others place. We therefore judge our self when we judge others.

Judge Self

We are to Judge our self and make sure that we are doing the things that we are supposed to be doing. In this world of intense competition we sometimes say and do things from our human experience. We get carried away in the ways of the world and forget to apply the kingdom principles. When that happens we find ourselves doing things as the world would have us do things. When this happens we need to reset ourselves and go over the foundation principles and endeavor to do things the way the Lord God would have us to do them. We have to judge ourselves and this will put us on the correct way to do things. The first place t start on this self judging is to go through the foundational sayings of Jesus, True Righteousness, True Worship, and True Judgment. How do we stand in relation to these instructions? We should make adjustments as we go.

Judge Others But Only To Help

When we have correctly judged ourselves and have placed ourselves in the correct way to act we can then be in the position where it is acceptable to help others. We are to offer help and assistance only when we ourselves are in position to help others having examined ourselves through the scripture. We are not to judge others to give us any advantage, or in a way that places us above others but purely from an unselfish standpoint and not to help us, but to only help those that need our help.

The Golden Rule

Simply put it is to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. We should treat people the way that we want people to treat us. This principle allows a clear understanding of how we are to treat one another. We can’t help but know how we want to be treated. In the same way we can then treat other people in that manner. When we understand this principle we become sure in our ways as we go through the world and walk in the way that the Lord God would have us to walk.

Pray for Wisdom And Discernment

We are to ask God for the ability to have discernment in the things that have to be understood. We need to be able to discern good and evil. In that way we can make sure we do the good and that we stay away from the evil. Sometimes the appearance becomes blurred and at those times mistakes can be made. This doesn’t have to happen. The Lord God wants us to ask Him to give us Wisdom and Discernment. He has stated that when He is asked that He will give us Wisdom in abundance. He will also give us discernment for our protection in this world of danger.

Two Paths

The knowing about the two paths is a must know while walking through this world. There are two paths, one wide and one narrow. The wide path is comfortable because it is wide enough to carry things on it to provide comfort, but although it is more comfortable it goes to the wrong destination. That makes the wide path a very undesirable path to be on, although the Wide path is a dangerous path to be on most people are on that path. To get off that path and to get on the better path is imperative.

The Narrow Path on the other hand is straight and narrow and uncomfortable but it goes to the correct destination. It is very important that we understand this because the correct destination is what we are focused on in this life. The dangerous thing about this world is that it is full of illusions of things that look one way but are the opposite, the illusions all send us to the wrong destination. The Lord God allows us to travel the right path, the narrow path.

Two Trees

How do we know if we are on the correct path, since the correct path is so important ? The two trees are here as an illustration of the answer to that question. The two trees tell us simply that one of the trees is fruitful and the other is barren. You will know them by their fruit. The fruit is the results of actions that are either from obedience to the Lord or actions that appear to be obedience to The Lord but are actually done to profit ourselves.

Two Foundations

Lastly there are two foundations. The first Foundation is of sand and the Second Foundation is of stone. The Foundation of sand is from the world and the Stone foundation is from the sayings of Jesus that make up these sayings.
The Sand Foundation will not hold up to the storms of life and we should not build our house on these flimsy foundations. The Foundation of Stone or the foundation that is constructed from the sayings of Jesus is the preferred foundation to build our houses upon. When the storms of life come the foundation that Jesus gives is promised to not collapse and wreck our houses.


What can be the take away from these sayings and how can they be of assistance to us as we go through this world of woe? We are to build our house on all of these sayings of Jesus from True Righteousness and True Worship, to True Judgment, and we are to build our life on things eternal and to hold to God’s unchanging hand. This Good Foundation will allow us to build our house on firmness and will allow us to survive the storms of life that are sure to come upon us all.

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