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In this hectic dog-eat-dog world tension and pressure build up and tie us up in knots. Until we deal properly with that pent up pressure, damage is sure to spring from it. We try different things to provide a relief of the pressure that continues to build.  There is a way to relieve that pressure and a way to loosen those knots. That way is to worry about nothing but to instead pray about everything. We here at prayer closet images make it easy to find a safe place to have a little talk with God and to hear the response that He has for us concerning what ever if is that has us all bound up. We take it to the Lord in prayer and we leave it there and walk away from the problem since it has been solved for us.

 A Good Foundation

We cover the outline of a good foundation and then we raise pillars from that good foundation. We then place a roof atop the structure and finish the inside and place in the utilities and  furnish the structure. We lastly place in the food that the table will hold. The foundation consists of True Righteousness, True Worship and True Judgment. Each of these are represented by an image that allows us to focus on the key that we are viewing and to hold it in our memory until it is there to stay. Then when we need the information that that key contains the information will be brought back to our memory and put to our personal use.

 The Seven Pillars

There are seven areas of Scripture that should be understood. These areas are called pillars. The pillars are Scripture, God, Man, Salvation, Church, Angels, and Last Things. These pillars are erected upon the foundation so that the structure is sound. The foundation is laid upon a rock and the pillars are built up from the foundation. There will be an image for each subject covered concerning the Seven PIllars.

 The Roof

The roof is an extention of the pillars and goes up to a peak which is covered by the Works of the Word of God. In that way when God looks down at our house that we have built He sees His Works. The Works are Salvation, Teaching and Training, Guidence and Council, Reviving, Restoring, Nurishing, Judging , Sanctifiing, Freeing, Warning and Rewarding, Enriching, Protecting, Streghtening, Making Wise, Rejoicing our Hearts, and Prospering.

 The Inside

The inside of the building consists of the Praise of God. God alone is worthy of all Praise therefore we do indeed Praise Him for His worthyness. We will display an image for each of the things of which God is worthy of Praise.  They are His Magesty, His Glory, His Excellence, His Greatness, His Holiness, His Wisdom, and His Power. His Goodness, His Mercy, His Lovingkindness and Truth, His Faithfulness and Truth,  His Salvation, His Wonderful works, His Consolation. His Judgment , His Council, The Fulfilling of His Promises, Pardon of sin, Spiritual Health, Constant Preservation, Deliverence, Protection, Answering of Prayers, The Hope of Glory, All Spiritual Blessings, All Temporal Blessings, and the Continuance of Blessings. It can be said that the praises of God come out of the building that we together will build.

 The House of Prayer

When we come abord the Prayer Closet Images site we can relax and unload the pressing problems. We can in the comfort of our homes and the privacy of our prayer closets, that we have created, commune with God and receive the precious promises that God has made us. As we view each blog we acquire a key that when assembled create the house of God. Indeed we worry about nothing, instead we pray about everything.

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