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Welcome to Prayer Closet Images where on today we are set to introduce the first session of the material that makes up our foundation. The whole of the foundation consists of True Righteousness, True Worship, and True Judgement.

The segment concerning righteousness appears in three sections, what righteousness is, how righteousness comes, and how righteousness works in real life.

The section that we are covering here consists of what righteousness is. What it is,  is an attitude, four attitudes to be exact. Our attitude about ourself, our attitude about our sins, our attitude about the Lord, and our attitude about the world. The second thing about righteousness is how righteousness comes. The third and last thing about righteousness that we will be going over later on is how righteousness works in real life. The way that righteousness comes is that it comes by hearing the word of God. The way righteousness works in real life is, we realize that anger grows into murder and that lust grows into adultery and that adultery grows into divorce. Our yea becomes yea and our nay becomes nay, anything more become a construct to deceive. We become able to turn the other cheek, and to love even our enemies.

Attitude about Our Self

Righteousness, what it is. The righteous attitude says that we should be seriously humble in our gifts and talents and in our measure of faith. Prayer Closet Images for Righteousness allows us to view the things that we need to do for righteousness. The images help lock the truth of each session in place. The images act as a hook that bring the session back to the memory so that is can be used in real life. Starting at the beginning, the first thing that we need to understand is that Righteousness is first and foremost an attitude. We have control of our attitudes and we want to develop our attitudes around the way that they should go. The first attitude that we should develop about ourself is humbleness. We should be serious about this humbleness for the following reason. We did not make ourselves. It was our Father God that made us and not we ourselves. When we place our attention on this fact it then becomes easier to not think of ourselves higher than we should. When we concentrate on our creation we realize that the creator knows His creation. We need to commune with God and learn His way. Jesus in the great invitation asks us to come unto Him, all that labor and are heavy laden and He will give us rest. He says to take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your soul, for My yoke is easy, and My burden is light. So we are to learn of Him.

Next on the agenda is our use of gifts and talents that are given to us by the Lord God for our use. Talents are what we use to make a living and gifts are used in God’s Church to operate in this world for God’s purpose. God would have us to use our gifts and talents in the way that He would have us to use them.

Our measure of faith is the amount of faith that we are personally given by the Lord God. Some have more than others.

When we are seriously humble in our gifts and talents and in our measure of faith then we are righteous concerning the attitude about ourselves.

 Attitude about our Sins

Sins are the things that we do that displeases God. Not only is God displeased but He shows his displeasure by non-desired treatment of us by Him. The Bible says that sin pays wages and that the wages of sin is death.  The attitude that we should have concerning our sins is that we should morn over them. We should be discomforted. We should feel bad for having committing them. No matter how much we feel badly about committing our personal sins we still continue to commit them. God in His compassion for His children has made us a way to mitigate our personal sins. We can confess them and then repent of them, that’s turning away from them, and then we are to turn to the Lord who can forgive us, and will save us and put us on the path to eternal life.

Attitude about The Lord

We should Love the Lord with all of our heart and soul and mind and strength. It has been said that saying is easier than doing. I personally realized God’s love for me at an early age when it was explained that God loved us so much that He gave His Son for us. Abraham would have yet God did. He gave His Son to solve the death problem for us His children. Since He loved us that much I could not help but to love Him then. I continue to love Him now.

Attitude about The World

We know that when we love the Lord more than we love the world then the world will hate us for loving the Lord more. Our attitude should be that we Love the Lord all the more. The backlash is worth the enduring for on the other side is eternity. This world is not our home. The world cannot save us, only God can do that. We are traveling through this place and our final destination is home with the Lord God forever.

As we live in the world this truism becomes fainter the more involved we are with the world. We are to keep our focus on the final phase and not get bogged down in endless world interactions. We need our brothers and sisters to keep us grounded in the correct path. We need the interaction of one another to validate our existence here in this world while we are passing through. We are instructed to number our days that we might apply wisdom.


True Righteousness, is what is covered here. When we control our attitudes concerning our self, our sins, the Lord, and the world, Righteousness follows like the day follows the night. When we think about our self we think seriously about ourself, we think humbly, remaining in our gifts and talents, and in our measure of faith. We morn over our sins, and then we confess them to God, who forgives us our sins, even though we still have to pay for any wrong done, we will not have to die for them. The wage of sin is truly death but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ our Lord. Jesus takes those sins and gives us life in the sins place.

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