Adultry Leads To Divorce


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In the image we see a couple. The couple is either married of contemplating the idea, since they seem to be a pair. The pair seems dressed to impress. Upon close examination it appears that the woman is speaking. What she is saying is left to our imagination. It appears that her placement seems to indicate that she is saying something like, “You watch your manners and present yourself without fault”. It has been said that if the man has the same line of thought as the woman then the man has been “led to believe”.

The subject on today is the subject of lust and how lust leads to divorce. We will examine the phenomenon and work out with reason, if the saying is true or is it only appearing to be.


It has been said that lust devolves into adultery. Lust is an internal reaction to a specific visual perception. Lust involves the imagination creating a bodily reaction that is not always visible. The sin of lust is an internal phenominum. Since it is conceived internally it can only be managed internally. To break the chain of reactions that lead to divorce the sin must be confessed and forgiven.

How To Break Lust

The management of lust is to first avert the eye. To break the gaze is very important. The result of the gaze then must be taken care of by confession, repentance, and payment, to prevent abandon to the lust. Then we must allow God to lead us from the place of lust Into service to Him.

When allowed to form, lust develops into adultery, and adultery works itself into divorce. Do not allow it to form.


To be a married couple, a man and a woman become one unit in God’s eyes. From that point they are married. The knot is tied. The Man and the Woman make a unit that should not be broken. For it is written that what God has put together, let no man put asunder. To be working against God is a serious matter. It can only lead to destruction. We should work with God instead.

Lust Within Marriage

How the lust comes into the marriage Lord knows, I do not. However, lust is found to be in many a marriage. When that occurs the lustful thought is a prequil to a sin and the act is a sin. The act of the thought of lust is adultery, which creates the state of divorce, the union has been broken with the adultery. Acted out lust creates adultery and adultery creates divorce. Divorce is the legal uncoupling of the formally married pair. The pair now are two singles again. Reconciliation is now needed to continue the marriage. The lust needs to be neutralized for the reconciliation to hold.

Lust Will Control The Marriage

For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil; But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edge sword. Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell. Lest you ponder her path of life-Her ways are unstable; You do not know them.

The adultrous woman will seem desirable, but the results of her adultry will be disaturous.

Once the adulterous action has occured it will usually continue until it is caught. When it is caught then the choices are to attempt to bring the marriage back together or to divorce. That is why it has been said that lust leads to adultery and adultery leads to divorce.

Lust Will Destroy The Marriage

The end result is that the lustful thought can and will destroy the marriage if not shielded by the correct thoughts and actions. The act must be cut in the bud, the thought must be struck down, then a confession must be made, bringing God into it. Without bringing God into the situation we will lose every time. When we bring God into the situation we will win every time. God cannot lose in this battle and we by our power cannot win. We want to win in this life choice. We must break the thought then confess, then repent, then make amends and serve God for deliverance from lust.
To prevent lust from destroying our marriages we must be aware of the power that lust has. It seems that lust has been made to appear innocent, but that is far from the truth. In actuality, lust is the culprit. There is something inside of a man that is actuated by the imagination of lustful acts. The thoughts lead into the acts and the acts are unlawful.

Jesus gives us the solution by having us to target our thoughts, He has placed the responsibility on us to control our thoughts. If our thoughts are not controlled then the lustful act is done before we admit that anything is happening. The focus must be placed on the lustful thought and taken off of the act of adultery. The thought is where the battle lines should be drawn.
In attacking the thoughts we must turn away from the thoughts and turn to the Lord for help with the lustful thought. Confession allows the thought to be recognized and also brings the Lord God into it. Confession allows cleansing but unless we confess and repent there is nothing that takes the place of the lust and the lust reformulates.

To repent is to turn from the sin and then to turn to God.

To confess and then to repent allows us to replace the lust with Godliness. God Himself gives us a replacement that is wholesome and acceptable. The end result is that we follow God in His leadership and God knows the path for us to take.

God has a plan to do us good and to have us to prosper. We have to trust His plan. We can not relie on our own plan, which is no plan, but to live willy-nilly. God can see from the beginning to the end of time and He has our personnel plan for us formalized. We have but to trust Him in His plan for us.

He gives Three Calls, the Call to Salvation, The Call to Complete Dedication, and the Call to Service.

He beacons us with “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly of heart. And you will find rest for your soul, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Neutralize The Lustful Thoughts

The lustful thoughts therefore must be neutralized on the spot. The lustful thoughts must be held captive and destroyed.
While in the beginning of the lustful thought the eyes should be diverted. Once the eyes have been diverted a prayer should be sent up asking the Lord to help conquer the lustful thought. The Lord will then provide a diversion that will be a Godly alternative to the lustful thought. When we accept the alternative the lustful thought will then have been defeated.

At that time the Lord should be thanked for the intervention. Right then and there the alternative should be accepted precluding all lustful thoughts. Order my steps in your word dear Lord. When we order our steps in the Lord, the Lord will have us to be lust free. There will be no time for the lust thoughts to break in to our consciousness. Then it will be a good thing to thank the Lord again. Praise the Lord for His deliverance of us from the lust that if left unchecked would lead us into adultery and divorce. Neutralize the lustful thoughts and save the marriage.

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