Seriously Humble


The best place to begin with anything is in the beginning. Here we are at the start of the outpouring of the image keys and with each and every image there are some words to go with it. The image chosen here is “In the Garden.” In the Garden

Seriously Humble

The reason that we are to be humble and not arrogant is because we did not make ourselves. We can’t brag about something someone other than ourselves did. God created man and placed him in the garden. In the image above the man and woman are a symbol of the first man and woman. The image is designed to remind you of the original creation of mankind. The work of God comes down through the generations until it gets to you and me. Our generation is only the latest generation that was set in motion by God in the beginning.

I did not Create Myself

It stands as a fact that I did not create myself. We sometimes say that we have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps. In that case it was God that allowed us to have boots that the straps were on. It is truly written “The Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof the world and all they that dwell therein.”

We should consider the time allotted us

Moses placed before the children of Israel when the journey to the promise land was complete. He told them to number their days that they might apply wisdom. I can see this as great advice and well said. The end result is that they that follow this advice will be able to plan for optimum life results. To “number ones days that they might apply wisdom” allows them to apply wisdom to their daily tasks. The end result is that the right thing is done day after day resulting in personal prosperity.

God Created Me

When all is said and done the bottom line remains the same, God Created Me. The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. My personal attitude about myself is one of humble thankfulness to the Lord above for making me and allowing me to want to learn about the God that made me.

The first image available from prayer closet images is this image that is showcased above. “In the Garden” is the name of the image and it can be in your personal prayer closet. Collect all 67 for the total images that collectively make up the “House of God”. Join prayer closet images in assembling the “House of God” by acquiring the images and placing them in your very own prayer closet.

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