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Eating Strawberries

Picking Berries

Welcome to Prayer Closet Images the place that you may view the images of the Artist Joan Dance while perusing the explanation of the segments that combine to make the House of God and also the place to learn about building your very own Talent based Website that fits into what is called a nitch.

A nitch is a specialized focus on a precise area of expertise or Talent that we all have been given to us by the Good Lord.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the Image entitled “Picking Strawberries”. In the image we see a youth kneeling between the rows of a strawberry patch. It seems that the youth is eating more of the fruit than he is turning in for credit.

What is the take away from this image? Could it be, let the owner beware, weigh the pickers before beginning, and then again after the picking is done? That may work but it just may drive away pickers that only pick and do not eat up the profits.

It seems that this youth has the talent of eating strawberries and will do so with vigor.

What is your talent ? Everyone has a talent. Identify yours for the creation of your talent niche website. The site itself will be the foundation of your income that comes in from that thing that you were meant to do.

A Work Around

You have been on a search for quite some time now, searching for that solution that gives you the things that you need. Since you are here reading this article you now have found “Wealthy Affiliate”. The place that you may assemble and maintain your personal Nitch website.

You have now found that in which you have been in search of. You may stop the search right here. If you pass this up and go forward with your search then you will need to turn around and come back to this spot and from here began your journey into prosperity.

Imagine yourself having reached that point that you have been looking for because you most certainly have. You are now in a position to realize the dreams that you have been dreaming about.

Allow yourself to trust at this point and you will not regret the decision. Go to the sign-up page and sign on the dotted line, it will be the best thing that you do to date. All the things that you have wanted have now been actualized. You have but to go and claim your position.

I’m Eddie Edmonds and just like yourself I had no website. My struggle was, no website no money.

Having worked for what then seemed like all my life the outlook appeared somewhat bleak. With retirement my income would take a large drop and I needed that level of income to continue to live life as accustomed.

My Father-in-Law, a Tuskegee Airman, always reminded me to take things through a set of sayings that would put things in perspective, and these were to, Aim High, Believe in Yourself, Use Your Brain, Be Ready To Go, Never Quit, Expect To Win, and always in the end consider the source and Rise Above.

Putting those sayings in mind I started a search for the platform that would supply my needs of producing income while staying at home in retirement. It was during that search that I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, and that discovery bridged the gap. I was able to create an income producing Nitch Website and by doing that my future has become bright indeed.

I now own a piece of real estate on the web. I now have limitless income possibilities. The same can and will happen with you. Just like me, you can get your site as well, and receive the prosperity that I have received.

You have to go for the gold, and if you miss you will have the silver, and that my friend is prosperity in a nutshell.

Talent Niches

We can put you in a website, and that website will be your new business.

You will have your personal business. A great business from the start.

Picture the new site, yours for the building, see yourself raking in the cash day after day, even while you sleep, the cash keeps on coming in.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof, and many people now are eating that pudding. A good pudding indeed. Get you some of that pudding.

Create your unique website now while the time is here. Seize the day and create the thing that you were born to create, a personal website for your profit.

Identify Your Talent To Win

We help you identify your talent first of all, and then we help you create your new site along the lines of your talent, and we call this your Nitch. Because you are the only one that knows your personal talent Nitch, then you are in complete control of the material that your talent niche presents. All the people that enjoy following your articles will pop in, and little becomes much as you expand followers. With the expansion of people that read your articles your opportunities for income begins. Once you start the income process it gets better and better. The end result is lifelong income that comes in even as you sleep.

Leverage your talent for lifelong income

Lifelong income is a sure thing when you monetize your site in the way that we walk you through.

That is, income that, once started, continues to grow, and before long that income is enough to sustain you in all your endeavors.

Talent Niches are the way to go, and this is the place to start to build your very own “Talent Nitch”. A decision that will be the best decision that you have ever made in all of your life. We all have talents, why not harness your talent to provide you with income that is as reliable as the sun coming up on a brand new day, day by day.

Pop in to the sign-up page and begin your exciting journey to prosperity.

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