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Kentucky Quilter #24

Kentucky Quilter

Welcome once more to Prayer Closet Images where you may view the images of the Artist Joan Dance while also viewing the images that combine for the explanation of the compilation of the House of God. On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image, “Kentucky Quilter Number 24”. In the image we see a woman dressed in red and pink in the act of creating a quilt. The colors of the quilt match her clothing colors. Her needle appears to be busy as she creates the images of the day. She is seated before a window through which we see a rising sun. The floor is green and the walls are yellow. She appears to be talking or maybe singing as she works. Her eyes are focused ahead and her back is straight like she has a rod along her spine. She most definitely is pursuing her talent of quilt making. A Kentucky Quilter Indeed. Like the quilter in the image we all have talents as well. It has been said that if we do not use our talents then we will lose our talents.

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