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Man In Blue Hat Two

Man In Blue Hat Two

Welcome to Prayer Closet Images, the place that you may view the images of the Artist Joan Dance, while perusing the explanation of the Word Of God as outlined in assembling the House of God compilation.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image entitled, “Man in Blue Hat Two”.

In the image we see a man, and on his head is a blue hat. He is dressed in red black and blue.

His eyes seem to be the first thing that catch the attention as they are calm and looking steadfastly ahead.

The setting seems to be a city which is in the man’s background.

The sun in the picture seems to be setting or in the process of going down for the day.

There appears to be some wind blowing sharply as the mans collar is turned up on the right side.

How is it that his sun shines at night? Could it be symbolically depicting moonlight?

Would he be a worker in the city at middle age ?

The answers to these questions lie with you, the viewer of Joan Dance paintings.

It has been said that when your attention is placed upon and sees the meaning of Joan Dance’s painting, that person has successfully taken his or her attention from the hustle and bustle of the world and would then be in a position of creation.

Being in that position requires one to ask of God, His will for one’s life. God what shall I shall do ?

One answer would be to assemble our Talent Niches. Then we will need for our assistance keyword search tools.

The very best tools have been searched and the results are listed here for all to see.


The keyword planner tool that we have at Jaaxy does several things. First, Jaaxy allows the user to understand precise competition. Then Jaaxy allows the user to see more accurate traffic numbers (across all possible search engines). Then Jaaxy gives the user domain availability. Lastly, Jaaxy gives access to keyword Quality index. These are things that come in extremely handy for the acquirement of traffic to view our articles.

Google Keyword Search Tools

Google’s SEO Keyword Suggestion Tools was designed to return both primary and secondary related keywords, as well as options for synonyms and country targeting. There seems to be limited utility with the Google application.

Jaaxy the Better One

Jaaxy does more to allow the searcher to connect with that which is searched for. Jaaxy allows the searcher to connect by matching the keyword in both places from the searcher to the searched. The searcher is taken to the articles that contain the same keywords that the searcher inserted for the search. This keyword tool is extremely useful for the intended use. It shows the keywords that are being searched so the article maker can place them in the article and have the searcher arrive at the article that the keyword is placed in.

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