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Just for YouWelcome to Prayer Closet Images the place that you may view the images of the Artist Joan Dance while reviewing the House of God compilation showing the building of the House of God using the segments of the Word of God as they create the House of God.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image entitled “Just for You”. In the image we see a young man in the process of purchasing an automobile. The salesman showing the vehicle points out the good benefits contained in this purchase. The young man seems elated with his choice of the new auto that he has just purchased. The question becomes whether it was the auto, or the presentation of the auto, that sold the youth.

Overall Rank

    The Overall rank of Edmonds Gallery is that we are number one. The paintings of Joan Dane are the best original Folk Art Paintings available. The Paintings have been around since the early eighties or for quite some time now, and the value goes up with time and awards garnered. When Joan started painting it was said at that time that finally we have some excitement here in Paducah. It was said that Paducah was a wasteland by way of the Artwork available. As a result of the success of Joan Dance Paintings the Artists that were present before Joan came on the scene are now known as the Wastelanders, then there are Joan Dance Paintings, and finally those that came on the scene afterward. You have seen the rest now view the best. Joan Dance Paintings will accrue in value as the awards come in and the awards are continuously coming in for Joan Dance Paintings.

    Product Description

    Product Description: Joan Dance Paintings are created by the artist Joan Dance of Paducah and they were created while Ms Joan meditated on the Word of God. That meditation works out as a special feel that comes out in the finished product that makes the paintings appear to move around and when one views the paintings for the second time the paintings show something new. It has been said by owners of the artwork that the same picture is not viewed twice, it is said that there is a new painting with each viewing.

    The colors are primes and the texture is thick. There is always joy coming from the pallet and onto the canvas.

    Pros and Cons Guarantee

    The pros are the increase in value as time goes forth.

    The cons are that there are only so many paintings available to purchase.

    The price is now at $7.14 per square inch.


    Guarantee ? Yes there is a guarantee on the paintings of Joan Dance. If for any reason a purchaser of the art of Dance is unsatisfied with the purchase then that purchaser may choose another painting the same size or smaller.

    Product Specifications

    Product specifications. Each original work of the artist Joan Dance is unique and in most cases the sizes vary. For that reason each painting sales for the size of the art originally produced, length times width for total size, multiplied by $7.14 per square inch.

    The reproductions available on the Edmonds Gallery Website all start at a modest price but that price increases with the matting and framing available. If you want the print only then order only the print and do not add and matting or framing as this will increase the price by the cost of the matting and framing performed on the reproduction.

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    If for any reason you desire to purchase original paintings from the artist Joan Dance they will be made available. Contact us and we will show you individual paintings specially for you.


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