Walk Like An Egyptian


Walk Like An Egyptian

Welcome to Prayer Closet Images the place that you may view the Paintings of Joan Dance and peruse the paraphrasing of the explanation of the Word of God while assembling the House of God thereby.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image entitled “Walk like an Egyptian”. In the image we see a young lady in the act of doing the most recent dance. The dance is derived from the latest music entitled “Walk like an Egyptian”. The young Lady is dressed in red and blue and she strikes a pose.

The image depicts popular culture. From time to time popular tunes appear and for a time the tune controls the culture. Memories associate the times of the tunes and in this way when we hear the tunes we a reminded of the memories that the times were made of.

What memories are we making today ? When we hear the tunes from today in the future what will we remember ? It has been said that the sad times we forget but the good times stay in our memories. So it’s the laughter, we will remember, every time we remember, the way we were.

Using the House of God

To date we have assembled the foundation of the house of God. It has been said that the foundation is useful for assuring that we survive the storms of life that are sure to descend upon us all. These storms appear and work havoc upon us. We are not to be as people that have no hope, but rather we are to be as people that have a protector. That protector is the Lord Jesus who has only to be called and He will be there with us. In fact He is always with us. He has promised that He will never leave nor will He forsake us. Therefore, what He has promised He will do.

The proper use of the house of God is to analyze the specific trial or tribulation and to apply the correct Word of God to the situation. Is there a balm in Gilead? There most certainly is a balm, and that balm is the word of God. We apply the Word of God to every situation that we come upon that requires that balm.

How do we know which part of the Word of God to apply ? The Word itself will choose the Word to use. It is written that the Word of God has efficacy. That means that the Word can do work. The Word of God definitely does do work. The Word is quick and powerful and sharp, when the Word is directed and goes out, then the Word does not go back to the Lord void. That means that the Word goes out and when it goes out then the word does the work that it was sent to do.

So the Lord sends the correct Word that is needed for the specific thing that the Word is needed for. In the House of God compilation the Word of God is outlined. The needed Word is given in the first outline that we supply. The Word expands and the full Word is pulled up from the first outlined Word. In the end, the Word supplied is enough to provide the balm for healing whatever wound life has inflicted.

God Will Always Be With Us

The Lord God has promised us that He will never leave nor will He forsake us. We make promises to each other from time to time, and sometimes we break those promises for one reason or another. The Lord however when He makes a promise, keeps His promises, and the Lord has promised in His word that once He is with us that He will never leave nor will He forsake us. That means that when the trials and tribulations of life comes upon us, the Lord will be there with us. we have only to call upon Him and He will respond. It has been said that He answers all prayer, and the answer will be either yes, no, or wait.

We are not promised smooth sailing

In this world of woe people always look for smooth sailing at all times. This is a false expectation. Although there are many beautiful things in the world, the world is not a perfect place. Therefore, imperfect occurrences will occur, and when these things happen we look to the Lord God to mitigate these occurrences. We experience pain and do not like it. Although we feel the pain we have an out from the pain and it is to apply the Word to the situation. We are to call on the name of the Lord that will deliver us from all discomfort.

We must seize the day

We must analyze our trials and tribulations and stop them right where they are. We are to call on the name of the Lord and He will answer our call. We have to have the presence of mind to stop the situation and do what will have an effect. The thing that will have effect is the Word of God that has efficacy or the ability to do work. We must have the wherewithal to stop the situation right where it is and to apply the Word right then and there. We have to believe that the Lord can and will keep His promises. He has promised that He will never leave nor will He forsake us. We have to believe Him and take Him at His word and apply His word to the situation.

Apply the word of God

The Word of God has to be practiced and put to work for it to work. The word of God must be believed and then used or applied systematically. The application of the Word of God is done daily when we bring back to our remembrance the Word that we have studied and then to apply that Word to the hurt situation in our lives.

We Will Survive Trials and Tribulations

In the end when we call on the name of the Lord, He will answer our call and He will come to our rescue. We will survive the trials and tribulations that we are all subject to. We ask ourselves, why am I subjected to these constant trials and tribulations ? Why do I deserve these constant setbacks ? The short answer is because we were delivered unto them by way of the disobedience of Father Adam. We as Adam’s children inherit the punishment that was laid on Adam for his actions in the garden.

In the end God will deliver us from these discomforts when we ask Him to. God wants us to communicate with Him and most of the times we forget about God until we are discomforted. Sometimes, but not all the time.

In the end we must keep in mind that God is a good God and wishes us the best. We must however continue to communicate with Him and he will see us through all the discomforts and will ultimately bring His children into prosperity.