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Man in Blue Hat

Welcome to Prayer Closet Images the place that you may view the Art of the Artist Joan Dance while also viewing the articles that combine for an explanation of the Word of God, by way of the building of the House of God, with the images combining to explain the segments of the Word of God, and therefore bringing an overview for a clear understanding of what the Word entails.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image Man in Blue Hat. In the image we see a man wearing a blue hat. On first sight he appears to see something, as his eyes are bucked wide open. His eyebrows are arched as if he is astonished and his mouth is shut as if he will not talk until he has something to say. The sun is rising behind him and the environment is multicolored. He has on a blue shirt with a red collar and his hat is blue with a red hatband.

What is the take away from viewing this image? It could be to open up your eyes, and you will see wondrous things that are there for the seeing.

On today, we here at Prayer Closet Images have for your enlightenment the JAAXY Website. JAAXY specializes in the proper use of keywords, which are used to bring traffic to your website. Not only will the correct use of keywords bring traffic to your site but it will also bring relevant traffic to your site.


Keywords are the words that we need to be able to communicate within the world of the internet. When we want something that is out there somewhere on the internet we can input the words of the thing that we want to find. The keywords are the same words as are in our article. The internet then takes the searcher to the article that contains the keyword. Just like that the searcher is on the site that the keyword has brought them to, your website.

The keyword planner tool that we have at JAAXY does several things. First, JAAXY allows the user to understand precise competition. Then JAAXY allows the user to see more accurate traffic numbers (across all possible search engines). Then JAAXY gives the user domain availability. Lastly, JAAXY gives access to keyword Quality index.


To the users of JAAXY in the search engine marketing business, the thing that you need to understand is that people making keyword searches on any search engine, will be able to come directly to your site and access your articles and then take action on what they see on your site.


Search Engine Optimization is the act of the search engines doing their job and finding your site by the words that you input to make the search.


All the people that search and find your website collectively are known as your traffic. You need traffic to come to your site to buy whatever it is that you are selling. The more traffic the better, because not everyone that comes to your site will purchase your goods. More people mean that a percentage of the ones that will purchase become more.


Get JAAXY and you will have all that you need to successfully research any key word that you will need to research in order to bring traffic to your site. You will have all that you need to show what you have to show to the persons that need to see what you have and have searched for you. They are searching for you let them know where you are. If you are in the selling business you have the need for your customers to find you. JAAXY allows the searchers to be put in contact with that which they are searching. Go to JAAXY now and sign-up for this valuable service, you will not regret the decision.

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