Welcome to Prayer Closets Images the place that you may view the images of the Artist Joan Dance and view the compilation of the House of God.

On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the image “Dancing”. In the image we see a couple dancing. The two appear to be in perfect sinc as they whirl and twirl about the floor. They are in perfect dress as they cut the perfumed air. They are the finest thing around both in and out of town. They place their eyes straight ahead as they swish and twist and list. Their shoes are perfectly polished as they slide across the floor. They fill our eyes with longing as they leave us wanting more.

Like the couple in the image each of us have that thing about us that we do well. Now is the time for each of us to take action, for action is needed to bring our dreams into reality. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Now is the time for us to build our very own website and to show the world our specialty. I want to make you a promise right now. You can create your dream website. The promise that I am making you is that you may build a class A website and not only may you build the site but you may also maintain the site in a good order.

Picture yourself enjoying your new website. The hard work that you had to do to build the website is well worth the discomfort. Now you have a working business. The website has become your business. You now have relevance. You are now a business person.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof. This will be a tasty pudding indeed.
You may eat this pudding by doing your due diligence. Your daily input will be your livelihood. The thoughts that only you can convey is the grist for your mill. The daily imaginings of your heart come without prodding. Your only task is to put them in proper order and then convey the thoughts to us the eagerly waiting public.

Create your web presence now by joining us here at Wealthy Affiliates the place that you have true value. We tell you the truth for your enrichment and not necessarily our own. Go pop-in and fill out the initial information and begin your journey. This journey will be filled with many pleasures and some pains. No pain, no gain, and much pain, much gain. The pain of creation is necessary for the works to be made. Once the works are made then they are made, and all you have to do then is to maintain. Maintenance is a pleasure because it keeps all things in order.


Create your web presence. You will then be among the worlds top five percent, and finally away from they that don’t have a web presence. You can now be very proud of yourself.