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Stretching Lace Curtains

Stretching Lace Curtains

Welcome to prayer closet images the place where you can view the images of the artist Joan dance while reading about the building of the house of God. The images combine for an overview of the Word of God.

The Idea of stretching Lace curtains hearkens back to when the curtains were stretched by hand. Repair was done thereby. We all have need of repair from time to time.

Repair is accomplished using different methods by different people. The process of living our lives in this world is fraught with danger seen and unseen. The living causes damage to be incurred on all sides. We must repair this damage in order to go on living.

In order to have the where-with-all to do this continual repair we need resources. We all have these resources built in to us by our creator in the form of personal talents.

Our Talents are for us

We all have talents and each one of us are able to do extraordinary things with our talents.

We have the ability to do all things that we have to do.

We all need mending from time to time. We can use our talents to mend ourselves.

We can exchange talents, and have all of our needs met free of charge. This is truly mending.

With the application of your talent your personal business may be started now. The business that you will be starting will be a business that you are in control of absolutely. Your talent can be focused within a niche and shaped in the form of a personal business.

A niche based business consists of your expert talent based content. Your input can only be made by you and your business will be yours and yours alone.

Your first website will be presented to you free of charge.

Get you feet wet now and start the income producing business that you need to bridge the gap that most certainly will come in this spiraling out of control cost of living increasing, and rising inflation ridden economy.

You need income that can be produced by you. It is you that controls your outcome. The application of your talent is the means of production and you can produce at any place at any time. You can be laying on the beach anywhere and devote any portion of your time to your production goals, and make the self-directed income that you need to provide for your family.

It can never again be said that you are short when it comes to making the income that is needed to survive. You will have what it takes to produce and not have to depend on any one other than yourself. Now is the time to ensure that you begin this great journey that never ends, but that continues into the future, and brings you much happiness as the time passes and you get better and better.

Congratulations in being selected. Not all will make it to this point, but this point is the place to start this great journey to self fulfillment.

We Will Have Our Needs Met, Free Of Charge

When we exchange talents with one another we can meet all of our needs free of charge.

When I visited Norway during my time in the U.S. Navy I asked the people there to teach me to express my thankfulness to them for their kind treatment of me and my shipmates. They told me at that time that the correct response that I was seeking to express in their language was to say Takk Skal du ha. This meant literally, Thank you very much, with me doing the same for you. I am happy to say that this expression was and is exactly what I was seeking to learn.

The same idea can be expressed today with our talent Niches. One hand washes the other, and our expertise can be exchanged for the expertise of others to help one another free of charge.

The business is simply writing about three articles per week detailing your passion, aimed at like-minded people that love to hear from you since it’s the thing that they are passionate about as well. They come to read your articles and while they are there they purchase a few things. The more purchases that are made make it better for you, and pretty soon you have a web based income that comes in even while you sleep. Once it’s there it’s there, and people just keep paying you money.

We walk you through the creation of the site with the end results being your talent niche. You write a little, we show you how. Picture yourself having a personal business, one that you have the pleasure of running. If you need extra money do a little extra work. Niche marketing connects your talent to the world. Begin the journey to your true calling, your personal niche.

Organize yourself for success. Times a wasting.

What are you waiting on ? Start now.

Go to the sign-up page and sign your name on the dotted line. There will be discounts available once you sign up.

Your investment in yourself will be the best thing that you do on today, as a matter of fact it may be the best thing that you have done to date. Go ahead and take the plunge, you will never be the same, commence the journey of a lifetime, start now.